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Ikkar Transforming Yacht

Zoom Lens: L M S

Calling all evil (but eco-friendly) movie villains: Julien Anglade’s 150-meter Ikkar yacht concept is not only powered by solar sails but can transform into a larger vessel while at sea.

If ever there were a yacht version that can actually bridge the gap between man and sea, it has to be the IKKAR hybrid yacht. Designed by Julien Anglade, a design student at Strate College, who came up with a cruise ship concept that changes shape depending on navigation, stationary or at anchor offshore, the sides of its hull open at water on almost all its length, creating huge space to be enjoyed while cruising. Measuring 150 meters in length, the IKKAR includes a streamlined hull, adding to its energy-efficient design along with its rigid photovoltaic cells that can harness solar energy to sail in positive wind conditions.

[ VIA TheAwesomer, Bornrich


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