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Digital Dash Camera

Zoom Lens: L M S

Sometimes, we don't clearly remember the conditions of the road, weather, and traffic immediately following an accident. This pocket-sized DC plug/ battery powered car and nanny camera will help solve that problem. It can be easily hidden in your apartment or mounts in almost any vehicle. Easily capture video for legal or insurance purpose. The Vehicle Safeguard even has two power options: 12V DC power through the cigarette lighter or Three AAA batteries. Secure the cradle to the dashboard and place the main recording unit inside the cradle. Use anywhere from a 128MB to 2GB SD card to store the recordings. Finally, you will need to set the recording angle. A red spot light will shine in the direction of the recording, at the center of the recording. Adjust the angle of the camera with the cradle. Not only do you get to experience safety while driving, but you also get to relive those scenic drives you take through the valleys on the way to your favorite getaway.

[ Product priced at $78.99 plus $5 Via chipchick ]


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