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Alarm clock features old-school TV design, incongruous remote

Zoom Lens: L M S

Recently, I’ve got this Cool and Unique Retro TV Alarm clock and I think I can’t let it go.

This cute little alarm clock looks like one of those little portable TVs that made a brief splash in the '80s. Colourful LED's illuminate the time in shades of red, green and blue on this funky retro TV alarm clock. It's the perfect wake-up call! And since this is the Age of Laziness, it comes with a remote control. There's not even a "remote" chance that you won't be charmed! It takes 3 AAA batteries and is $19.99, available from Sourcingmap.

[ Product Page ]


joselin said...

It is an awesome design. Some of the latest alarm clocks have LED illumination as a better feature. I have also seen an alarm clock with a gentle LED for close range and a powerful Xenon Flash for distance.
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