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Fingerprint Reader Mouse with Password Manager

Zoom Lens: L M S

Now here’s a mouse that will help you keep your precious data safe and sound - the Fingerprint Reader Mouse.

The mouse comes with a scroll wheel and the fingerprint scanner is located below the wheel. It requires you to install the special software for it to function .Up to five different user identities can be stored in the mouse. The owner can also store user names and passwords for various websites, files, folders and windows’ logins.

You can get it at a price of $52.99.

[ Product Page ]


Tara Kelly said...

And what happens to your passwords when the mouse breaks, or when you are at a different computer?

Could be useful for computer-specific passwords (like windows login), as long as you've also got them written down elsewhere too in case the mouse dies.

Tara Kelly
Passpack founding partner

Simon said...

Tara Kelly:
Thanks for your reply.

Yeah! it will be a really serious problem if the mouse breaks. But It will only lock your mouse, and you can also start ur PC via keyboard or other ways(use some other computer?). And I suggest you 2 backup your data with ghost before install the software, so you can recover your system again! A little bother!!! (that's the method I can adopt)

Maybe it'a crapper gadget if it breaks so easy! It's time to trial it's quality...

Hope it hadn't made you disappointed, I'll find somethinger more stylish and applied.


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