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USB Traffic Lights

Zoom Lens: L M S

After already spending too much of my day behind traffic lights at intersections and at those metered ramps they have here in the Portland metro area the last thing I really want to see when I get to work is another traffic light on my desk. Unless of course I can use it to effectively stop or at least caution approaching visitors of my current status.

The only reason I am writing about the USB Traffic Light is because it is so lame. Even the features are so lame…get this, the thingie actually tells (rather indicates) whether you are Busy, Out To Lunch or Available! Damn! And I thought that if the boss had a look at my work-area he would know that I am away for lunch. Let your friends know when your not to be disturbed with these USB traffic lights.

USB Traffic Lights features:

3-port USB 2.0 Hub
USB Traffic Lightas status indicators (Busy, Out To Lunch, Available)
10 Seconds Voice Recording and Playback
Monitor Cleaner
Memo Pad/Name Card Clipper
Priced at $18.

[ USB Traffic Light via SlipperyBrick via Ubergizmo ]


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