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Aircraft Shaped Conference USB VoIP Phone

Zoom Lens: L M S

Another VoIP Conference phone here today, this time it's the USB Internet Conference Speakerphone from Sourcingmap. Available for $80.99, it's got a dial pad, and USB hookup to your PC(compatible with Windows XP/VISTA) in order to connect with your Skype fellows. Not as useful as a Skype phone if you're prone to wandering, but you can view and dial your contacts directly on the speakerphone. And it's useful for conference or hands-free calling when you're chowing down on a Peanut Butter & Secretary sandwich.

Detailed Product Description:

1. Easy-To-Use, Full-Duplex Speaker Phone
2. Tone/Pulse
3. Mute with LED
4. On/Off with LED
5. Ringer - Hi/Lo/Off
6. Redial
7. Flash
8. One external microphone may be added to the phone to extend range (optional)

[ USB Skype Conference Phone via TechChee ]


Thompson said...

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Simon said...

Thompson! Thanks for your kindly guide!

I'll read the material carefully and update the information of this product as possible as I can.

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

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