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Mini Folding Yappy Cooling Pad Ⅱ(+ 4 USB Port Hub+ Speaker)

Zoom Lens: L M S

Some products seem to dwell on feature and others dwell on design, rarely though do I think anything brings the two together.

Laptop cooling pads are often large in footprint and don’t play nice with already packed laptop bags. The X-100 Mini Folding USB Laptop Cooling Pad sports some transformer widgetry - ok it just folds up - and its built-in fans are powered by the laptops USB port making it ideal for on the run action. When folded the pad measures just 18×6.7×2.1cm (L*W*D).

The Mini Folding Yappy Cooling Pad has 4 USB ports and a speaker built in, Perfect when you need some spare ports or a convenient Speaker for your gadgets without taking up desk space.

Awesome Cooling Pad prices at only $17.99.

[ Product page ]


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