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The Battery Converter Transforms AA Battery into a D Cell

Zoom Lens: L M S

For $5 this battery converter will turn your AA-size battery into a D-size battery. It won't last nearly as long, but It's better than nothing. This is an excellent idea with the AA battering being very popular around the house. Be noted that these smaller, weaker AA won't give quite as much juice as the D, but it would be sufficient for a quickie.

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* AA to D Cell Batteries Battery Case Holder Convertor
* D batteries are expensive, now you won't have to pay with this AA Battery Converter
* Nothing complicated, just stick the AA battery in the AA to D Battery Holder converter and it's the same as a D battery
* AA Battery Holder Converter is a gadget to keep close at hand, at home, at the office, at the campsite, etc.
* Batteries not included
* Color: Transparent
* Size: 5.7cm long
* Weight: 11g


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