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Red in Black LED Watch

Zoom Lens: L M S

With this wrist-watch you attract attention guaranteed. With its 29 super bright LED's, this clock is a eye catcher and the top hit in anywhere. Be one of the first. What makes this clock so extraordinary is its indication: For laymen cloak-and-dagger it is a perfect initiation for a talk. After a short training period and the understanding of the logic reading off becomes the children's game. ( Price: $21.69 )


One presses the button at the side the LED's indicate the current time. Repeated operation of the button makes the LED's show the date. In the time mode the 12 LED's in the top arch show the current hour and the minutes can be computed from the two led rows beneath. The 5 LED's in the middle indicate the time exactly to 10 minutes and the lower LED's show the time exactly to one minute. Adding these two results to the exact time exactly to one minute. In the date mode the 12 top LED's represent the current month and the two LED rows below indicate the day in the month. The 3 LED's on the bottom will always show the current mode (date, AM, PM).

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