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Make Sure To Tag Your Luggage

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There are many different kinds and types of luggage tags on the market today. When choosing a luggage tag, make sure it is one that you will be able to notice on a bag that is making its way around the carousel. Also, make sure before you leave on your trip that the information on the tag is current and up to date. Remember to have fun with your luggage tag, as of right now, there are no restrictions on the type and kind of luggage tag that you choose to use.

Picture this, you are at the baggage carousel awaiting for your bag to make its way to you. You finally spot your bag, but then you notice that there are two other bags identical to yours. You don't want to pick up the wrong bag and as you are contemplating whether or not it is your bag, it passes you by. Luggage tags are a great way to identify which bags are yours on the rotating baggage claim. They’re priced at $3.69 and there are green, Lilac and Navy colors to choose.

Durable and novelty Personalized Luggage Tag with "PUT IT BACK, IT'S MINE!" on one side. Visible compartment on the other side holds your contact details, including name, address and phone number.


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