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Wireless Car MP3 Player with Remote - the car music player for the car

Zoom Lens: L M S

This Wireless Car MP3 Player with Remote slots into your redundant (it is redundant, right?) cigar holder and gives you full MP3 player loveliness along with an FM transmitter to beam the audio to your in-dash stereo. It also features a USB slot for playing external flash drive library audio, plus an SD card slot for infinite memory upgrades. Dinky is the word. £12.01 is the price.

Via [ RedFerret ]


* Really cool design Bomb Alarm Clock is sure to drag you out of bed.
* Not only does it function as an alarm clock, it also act as a coin saver as well.
* It lets you get up and save money with an extra method.
* There are 3 game modes to choose from - where the possibility of an explosion happening is set to one fourth, one eighth and one fifteenth probability.
* LCD display hour and minute, 12-hour format.
* Digital Desk Clock has white backlight for LCD display.
* Alarm function and snooze function included.
* LCD Digital Clock with 6 buttons and a door open button for easy operation.
* Powered by 3 x AA batteries (not included).
* Comes with a base to place it.
* Material: Plastic
* Dimension: ~11.8((D) x 12.8(H)cm
* Weight: 437g
* Suitable for 3 years or up.

Package Included:

* 1 x Coin Bank Clock
* 1 x Plastic Base
* 1 x User's Manual


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