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Xbox 360 Phone Gets a Zune Look

Zoom Lens: L M S

While the PSP Phone is getting closer and closer to becoming a real device and not only a rumour, we’re barely introduced to concepts of similar Xbox-based contraptions. The latest is an Xbox 360-Zune hybrid designed by the concept artists of T3 which has a future tech feature in its current issue where various imaginary devices have been dreamt up by the magazine’s writers for the techie community to salivate over and long for.

Indeed the chances of this device actually becoming reality are thinner than a MacBook Air on the Slim Fast diet, though it is nice to dream. The specs list is very limited for this concept, but it does impress us with 64GB of flash storage and all the phone functions one could dream of. This is a rather thin device, but I guess that it’s the Zune talking here and its influence. Add a TV-out and decent battery to this portable Xbox 360 and I’ll be its fan. You can find more pics of the device here.

Via [ Coolest-Gadgets ]


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