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The Comb Vibrating Hairbrush

Zoom Lens: L M S

Finally a vibrating gadget that’s not a sex toy, the Comb Vibrating Hair Brush. Though by the looks of it I’m not so sure as the handle does look some what phallic.

The Vibrating Massage Hairbrush features 2 massaging speeds with 13 "contoured bumps on the back of the brush specially designed to help relieve all over body aches, pains and stress." My scalp hurts just thinking about how it works!

Treat yourself to a relaxing massage anytime with this vibrating hair brush. Just insert two AA batteries, flip the switch and enjoy a stimulating massage anywhere. Brush includes nubs for deep muscle massage and measures 9" long.

The vibrating hair brush costs US $4.69.

[ Prodcut Page ] | ( $4.69 )


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