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The Cool Feet for Notebook

Zoom Lens: L M S

Remember your notebook's rubber feet? Well, now that your notebook's rubber feet are firmly gripping the CoolPad, they have been replaced by the CoolPad's own rubber feet.

Cool feet provide a quick and easy way to elevate and slightly tilt your notebook - all in a very compact and easily removeable package. These tough and resilient elevating feet go on and off in seconds to provide protection for your work surface or lap, and a more ergonomic keyboarding angle for your comfort.

With mini ball shape, such kind of Notebook Cooler set can efficiently decrease the overall temperature by creating a cooling gap. It is easy to adjust to new comfort sitting positions. To make your laptop work great, one necessary step is to have such kind of Laptop Cooler Ball!

[ Product Page ( $5.69 ) VIA ( CrunchGear & NerdApproved ) ]


Ailurophile said...

How cool. I'd love to get something like that for my laptop too. Very neat blog :)

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