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Kelly Octopus 2 Fans Notebook USB Cooling Pad

Zoom Lens: L M S

Look how cute this little Octopus Shaped Notebook Cooler is! He has two little fans to take away heat from the bottom of your laptop and keep your lap cool.

It’s specially designed for anti skid, which keeps your laptop firmed in position when it’s placed on top of this cooler. Powered solely through a USB connection, The cool Octopus Shaped USB Netbook Cooling Pad measures 189*89*18mm in size and 157g in weight, making it light and small enough to be portable so that you can carry it in in your laptop bag.

This $11.69 chiller is powered by USB and doesn’t require a trip to the Sea to see this world’s feral animal. It comes in three different colors including Blue, Green and Black. It's an ideal accessory for your favourite Notebook.


* Compatible with any notebook.
* The blue 2 Fans Notebook Cooler is designed with unique Octopus appearance, quite absorbing.
* This Laptop USB Cooler is designed with plastic construction and it can better any weight of notebook without affecting the performance of the notebook.
* Built-in 2 fans can absolutely help to dissipate the heat-air away from underneath the notebook.
* The Notebook USB Cooling Pad is powered directly by USB port, plug-and-play.
* This Blue Laptop Cooling Pad can efficiently reduce the temperature of your notebook.
* Low noise running.
* Voltage: DC 5V.
* Color: Blue and Black pads.
* Size: 18.9cm long ( at the longest ), 8.9cm wide ( at the widest ), 1.8cm thick. Approx.
* Length of the USB cable: 36.5cm long. Approx.
* Weight: 157g.

[ Product Page ] ($11.69)

VIA [ Nexus404, Coolest-Gadgets, TechChee ]


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