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Spy Shaver Camera DVR

Zoom Lens: L M S

I have to agree with the chaps at the Red Ferret Journal when it comes to this Spy Shaver Camera. No one on Earth, not even a bona fide spy, has any use for a video camera hidden inside a razer which gets the same idea with the Spy Camera Wath.

The Omejo Spy Shaver Camera DVR appears at first glance to be just an ordinary electric razor. But wait, there’s more. Inside this manscaping device lays in wait a mini recording unit capable of taking in 7-8 hours of 640×480 quality video onto its internal 4GB storage device. OK, let me get some more of the specs out of the way:

* AVI video compression with audio recording
* Video file size: >500KB per min.
* USB adaptor/charging cable
* Lithium-ion battery
* Record time: 2h per GB
* 8-hour battery life
* Weight: 150g

The best part though is that this thing will set you back a ridiculous $240.

[ Spy Shaver Camera DVR ] VIA [ OhGizmo ]


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