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Stylish Graffinis Bikini

Zoom Lens: L M S

Coming home or going to work...Chances are if you live in BKLN your takin' the subway to get there. We took the best and brightest from the rooftops below and put the images on our new Over The Bridge Brazilian String Bikini. This is THE signiture suit of the New Series!

Once upon a time the Lower East Side was a rough place to hangout. Nowadays it's lost a little of its edge. Well that's where this suit comes in. The Rivington Street Halter String captures the atmosphere of the area and nails it to the wall.

Kickin' it old school. Tags on the subways. Tags on the buildings. Tags under bridges. Why not tags on bikinis?! Well, with our halter sport bikini we're pretty sure you're gonna look better wearing it this way.

Ever thought about starting your own "Fan Page" for yourself on Facebook??? No? Well, you might want to rethink things after you get the new Bleecker St. Halter One Piece. Guaranteed minimum of at least 1000 fans on your first outing to the beach or pool party. Don't say we didn't warn you...

This is our take on the classic one piece sport. Only this time we used a mural from the side of building downtown. Full support cross ties in the back and modest, but very sexy coverage on the bottom.

Enjoy yourself with the styles and price!

[ Graffinis ] VIA [ Carvenus ]


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