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USB Sonar Speaker

Zoom Lens: L M S

As usual in our hunt for the geekiest gadgets there has been a lot of cool gadgets that we just didn’t have the time to feature. So here comes the USB Sonar Speaker.

This small dish-shaped USB speaker connects to portable audio players, laptops and other products using a standard 3.5mm stereo audio plug, and it uses “sonar” technology to produce and deliver the sound picture to the listener.

It is a speaker using vibration to produce sound. It differs from traditional speakers that you need to have 2 big holes so that the sound could comes out.

It means, no matter where you place the speaker on, it plays. As it does not need a big holes for the speaker, so it can be seamless. For this speaker, it just has a hole for inputer (both power and audio signal) and a hole for the LED.

Here is video clip showing how this audio technology works:

The USB Powered Sonar Speaker is available over at the USBFever for $35.99.

Via [ GeekAlerts ]


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