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Solar Garden Fountain Brings Your Garden To Life

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Solar garden fountains are becoming quite popular. You may have thought of adding the beauty of a fountain or pond fountain to your garden or patio. After all, the gorgeous beauty and soothing sounds of gurgling water is enough to invite anyone to sit down and relax.

Solar Fountain Pump Let the sun power your garden or pond fountain... No need for extension cords! If you want to add a fountain to your bird bath or pond, or switch from your existing electric pump, don't call an electrician. These powerful, compact, solar-powered pumps are easy to set up yourself. Both feature a separate solar panel that you stake into the ground where sunlight is most accessible; angle can be adjusted for optimum exposure. 15 feet long cord and three spray nozzles included.

This Solar garden fountain has the lowest rate of the power of solar battery to pump power ,and it is not only very easy to operate the brushless motor under little sunshine like the brush motor ,but also , it has the much long life time than other brush motor solar fountain.

* Put the pump totally in the water with it's nozzle over the water
* Be sure the pump is fixed firmly on the bottom of the fountain to avoid vibration
* Plug jack of pump in the jack of solar panel output
* Put the solar penal under enough sunlight and be better to face directly to sun

1. Make sure that you have enough water in the fountain or pond, especially in sunny days.
2. Always keep the pump under the surface of the water.
3. Change water frequently and keep the water clean to avoid dirt to enter the pump holes.
4. Protect the solar panel from any damage.
5. Keep the surface of the solar panel clean.


* The power of solar battery: 7V, 140mA
* The size of solar battery panel: 11 x 11cm
* The pwer of pump: 6V, 120mA
* Max flow quantity of pump: 150L/H
* Max water height of pump: 65cm
* Cable length : 320cm ( approximately )
* Weight: 222g

* 1 x Solar Garden Fountain
* 1 x users' manual

You can expect to have years of enjoyment from your fountain, without all the hassle of a traditional electrically powered setup. They are like pre-potted plants “Just add water.”

[ Solar Garden Fountain ] ($35.69)


Johnny said...

I own several different models of solar pumps that use around the garden. I thought I'd try this one. It's pretty pathethic.

Anonymous said...

I think most gardeners concerns with solar power or a Solar Fountain is whether the solar power is strong and consistent enough to justify the feature. But there are some great solar products now. I recently bought one from UK Water Features and it really changed my opinion!

ZenHomeEnergy said...

Solar power systems have become the most widespread source of renewable energy due to the fact that they make no clatter and manufacture no pollutants.

Solar Energy

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