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Zoom Lens: L M S

What a beautiful USB Wristband! But i have to tell you, it's not a universal Wristband, it's a USB Wristband with 4GB Flash Memory. It seems like every time I turn around I’m losing something. Now the marvelous people at Sourcing Map are offering a solution. A durable plastic USB 2.0 flash drive with 4GB of data molded into a wristband. There is no power required and it’s totally plug and play.

The USB Wristband made of twistable durable plastic, and built-in memory chip to store information. In fact, it's a 4GB USB Flash Memory designed as a stylish Wristband! There are kinds of colors and sizes for your choice! It only weighs a measly 17.8grams so you’ll hardly feel it on your wrist. You won’t feel the price either, at $19.99 USD. For the fashionable geek, this stylish wristband means that no matter where you are you can prove that you've come prepared to . . . save to disk.

[ USB Wristband Via geekalerts ]


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terapak said...

Nice Design Usb ^_^
hope to see u come to visit my website

halline said...

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