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USB soda can humidifier: Do you need some special drink?

Zoom Lens: L M S

Feeling itchy during flight and dry weather. A portable USB mini humidifier may help. This is not a strange-flavored can of soda such as may be found abroad. It is a $25 humidifier in the shape of one, powered by USB. Its destiny is to be inadvertently crumpled by a visitor, or used as an ashtray at the end of a party so nauseating that even the Galliano has been polished off. Just plug it to your laptop's USB port, and add some moisture to the cabin. Not only will this magical and totally necessary device clean the air around you and re-energize your fat, lazy body, but it will look cool while doing it -- you know, just sitting there being all soda-can-badass. When you absolutely, positively can't find anything else to do with $24.99, the "Portable Can Shape USB Office Home Miniature Anion Humidifier" is there.
Its compact-size, measuring at 89x140mm and weighing at 243g, also makes it pretty ideal for travel.

[ USB humidifier Via gadgets.boingboing Via dvice ]


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