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Mosquito Repeller Watch

Zoom Lens: L M S

So, you’re stuck in the woods, surrounded by mosquitos. It's pitch black, both of you have got a headache, and you're feeling totally wiped out. What do you do?

This Electronic Mosquito Repeller Watch uses advanced harmless circuitry to emulate and emit the silent sonic high frequency of an approaching male(a high-pitched whine).

Pregnant female mosquitos require human blood for their young, and apparently they hate male mosquitoes more than anything. Seems like common sense that a circuit wafer covered by crystal plastic that emits the sound of a male mosquito would help repell the biting females. (Wearing this "not-so-stylish" watch might also repel biting human females, so be careful.) and the box itself gives no guarantee that it will actually work. But hey, don't let it bother you. It makes a noise so it must be doing something right?

Short story about the ultra-sonic skeeter repellers. I went camping with my then baby girl. Skeets don't bother with me too much for some reason but I didn't want her getting eaten alive. So I got some DEET spray for the day/evening, a mosquito net for her crib and one of the sonic things. She was fine wtih the DEET. I put her to bed, netted the crib, and set the sonic device on top of the netting for added protection. I wake up the next morning and the device is COVERED in mosquitoes. Just sitting on top of the net, swarming the device. I checked to make sure there wasn't a repel vs. attract setting or something but it was just crazy. If I hadn't had the net and had just thrown the thing in with my girl I could just imagine what she would have looked like in the morning.

BTW, the net worked perfectly during the night. ZERO bites.

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