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Sun Jar

Zoom Lens: L M S

You’ve heard of sun tea in a jar. You’ve heard (if you are literate in Appalachian tradition) of moonshine in a jar. But did you know that you can now buy jars of not only of sunshine, but of sunshine disguising itself as moonshine?

The perfect accessory for those of you who love the sun during the day, is the sun jar. The Sun jar goes along with my last couple post of solarpowered led devices, the Sunjar is a frosted and sealed mason jar with highpower solar cells inside. The jar gives off a wonderful warm glow much like that of a mason jar full of fireflys. The Sunjar also has a sensor in it to tell whether it it light out or not so the jar will not waste it's power during the day.

The Sun and Moon Jars are fully charged after three hours in the sun (and it has to be sunlight) and can provide five hours worth of after-dark illumination. Waterproof, the $40.00 Jars can be left outside to power up in the absence of a suitably sunny window; and we think they’d be perfect in the garden!

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