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Green Stripes Silicone Skin Case Protector for Blackberry Bold 9000

Zoom Lens: L M S

Damn, took 'em long enough! RIM finally announced the BlackBerry Bold / 900. Fans cant help to get the first degustation and the BlackBerry 9000 Series must have a record in iPhone competitor rumors.
Everything has been done as orderd and does your precious phone seem to go smashing into the most damaging situations possible? If so, I highly recommend you to consider these cute and stylish Stripes Silicone Skin Cases. Such beautiful cases’ extra-rubbery corners and slightly thicker build make them the perfect cases to absorb those extra mishaps and provide greater overall protection for your Blackberry Bold 9000. Various materials and colors make your Blackberry more colorful and absorbing in different time and place, with just $2.99 to be the shining star though the economy is not so good right now!

[ Green Stripes Silicone Skin Case Via Phonesreview ]


Anonymous said...

Finally the wait for BlackBerry Bold is over now as per the sources. It is going to be launched on 26th of this month in USA. So Be ready for BlackBerry Bold Accessories and get latest and original BlackBerry Accessories at

Anonymous said...

I dont like this phone. Now HTC HD2 is one of the best one. I am using this phone.

Anonymous said...

yaaaa... one more thing I wish to buy a new nokia n900. This is awesome I think. See details at >>>

Anyway this is a nice gadgets blog. I wish to come back again

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