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The Tree Stump Speaker System - Hidden in a Natural-Looking Tree Stump

Zoom Lens: L M S

If you like nothing better than doing your weeding whilst chilling out to a little classical music, or you are a party animal who’s always got a crowd of party-goers in your back yard (half of whom you probably never invited) then this weatherproof outdoor speaker system could ensure that you can get down to the rhythm regardless of the prevailing metrological conditions.

As you can imagine, it is suppose to be an outdoor sound system to match other tress on a garden, and the weatherproof feature serves it right. It has 125-watts of audio stereo sound and sadly it is a single speaker, but there are other models that even include a subwoofer. The stereo speaker is on special for US$140 at the moment.

This speaker simulates a real tree stump, so you won't need to disrupt the natural landscape in order to enjoy quality sound outside.

[ Tree Stump Speaker System ( $140 ) VIA RedFerret ]


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