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Coffee Cup Power Inverter - Like a caffeine boost!

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You may or may not have a place in your car to place a gadget charger conveniently. That’s where this charger, shaped like a coffee cup, comes in handy. Chances are you have a cup holder, so just plug it into your cigarette lighter and sit in your cup holder. It converts the DC power from your vehicle into two 120-volt AC outlets and a USB port.

The logo on that inverter looks really familiar, but I can’t seem to put my finger on it (cough, Starbucks, cough). Other than it’s unique shape, there really isn’t much to tell about this little gadget. It’s good for 200 Watts and gives you two AC plugs and a single USB port. So long as you aren’t trying to run anything too power-hungry it’ll be worth the $30 for the convenience factor.

The Coffee Cup Power Inverter is available from the ThinkGeek website for $29.99.


* 200 Watt inverter with 2 AC plugs and USB power port
* Provides 120 Volt AC power from any cigarette lighter socket
* 200W continuous/400W peak
* Fits into standard cup holders
* 18" cord
* Overload protection and low battery shut-off
* Power 3 devices at once
* One year warranty
* Dimensions: 6" tall x 3.5" dia

[ Think Geek ] VIA [ BBG ]


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