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Humming Bird Robot From Pentagon Flies Like The Real One

Zoom Lens: L M S

I’m concerned that before long, every critter out there will be replaced by a biomimetic robot surrogate. The latest fiend to come out of DARPA human-extinction research money is this Nano Air Vehicle that looks and flies just like a hummingbird. Even It reminds me the Wireless Lack Doolbell.

This thing flaps its robotic wings to stay in air like the real thing. So far, the bird has only stayed aloft for 20 seconds at a time, but it has shown its capability as a spy already.

AeroVironment doesn’t just want the little drone to fly like a bird but also to look like one. So it has been given another $2.1 million(By DARPA) to build a humming bot version 2.0.

Do not fear… fear is the mind-killer…

VIA [ Gizmodo VIA Wired ] & [ Engadget ]


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