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Weird Michael Jackson Thriller Headphones

Zoom Lens: L M S

Just for the hell of it, Nokia decided to run a design competition, challenging competing designers to create headphones inspired by their favorite music. Some of the resulting designs, as expected, are pretty awesomely wacky. The design above is inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” complete with unearthed zombies and a pedophile werewolf.

Complete with display case for the tour of the Nokia Store on Regent Street, Heathrow Terminal 5 and Nokia headquarters in Helsinki.

Press down on the cross shaped headstone and the hand reaches out

Adjust the headphones for different head sizes by pulling the zombies, further out from their graves. The headphones also rotate at the zombie's waists.

On this side the panels of the doors are actually working control buttons (pause, skip etc) the hole in the door allows the Bluetooth light to shine through. The Zombie's head can turn 360˚.

In loving memory of one of my favorite films.

Very much so. And the headphones after the jump are just as awesome. It's basically like wearing a crazy diorama on your head. Obviously, none of these will be for sale at Best Buy anytime soon, but they sure are cool to look at.

[ Joshspear ] VIA [ TechChee & ThrillerHeadphones & Dvice]


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