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Mini Folding Yappy Cooling Pad Ⅲ

Zoom Lens: L M S

Remember the Mini Folding Yappy Cooling Pad Ⅱ I’ve reported months ago? Here comes the .

Laptop cooling pads are often large in footprint and don’t play nice with already packed laptop bags. The Mini Folding USB Laptop Cooling Pad sports some transformer widgetry - ok it just folds up - and its built-in 2 fans are powered by the laptops USB port which are good enough to keep your laptop cool without losing its best performance in LED Flash Light. When folded the pad measures just 17.4×6.9×2cm (L*W*D).

It’s specially designed for anti skid, which keeps your laptop firmed in position when it’s placed on top of this cooler. And the most important is it comes with the USB female connector, so it wouldn’t engross your limited USB ports.

The Mini USB Cooling Pad comes in five different colors including Pink, Slivery, Blue, Black and Gray for just $9.69 each.

[ Product Page ] ($9.69)


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