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Scuba Dive Without The Wetsuit

Zoom Lens: L M S

Some of you might remember the other day when we reported on the Coolerbot, a way of exploring the outdoor wildlife from remote control while indoors. The Beriscope is a way of looking at undersea life from remote control.

Designer Jaewon Choi's "Beriscope" is an interesting blend of aquatic technology. It's a fishing rod that isn't for catching the critters, but instead for viewing them without ever having to enter the water yourself. Instead, you cast a camera out into the water and then use the Beriscope like a periscope, watching from the shore. It's just a concept, but it seems like it'd be a pretty good way to kill some time by a lake or river.

Here’s how it works: The ball shaped thing on the left side of the device can separate from it, but is still tethered to it with some cable. The user throws this ball into the ocean, and it has a camera on it. From there, the user can look into the visor itself and get a view of the life aquatic.

The goggles look like the type from a Viewmaster, but it doesn’t look like you can view stuff in 3D. I mean, after all, I’m surprised that the ball has a 2D camera on it.

When you are finished with your underwater viewing by a lake or river, you can just pull it back with the handle. At this present time, there doesn’t look to be a way to record the footage.

[ VIA Dvice, Yankodesign ]


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