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Magic Pouring Beer Mug Lamp

Zoom Lens: L M S

Watch in amazement as the Beer appears to come out of the can or faucet attached to absolutely nothing. Is it magic, or simply the best Bar Accessory Ever?

This amazing little contraption not will not only light up your room, but it will light up the faces of anyone who looks at it as they wonder how the heck this thing works. Only you know that the "pouring beer" is an optical illusion. The Magic Beer Mug also comes with a golden faucet that takes ten seconds to install, just back it into a wall or even a curtain!

And if that doesn't impress you, the product's box tells us that the Pouring Beer Mug Lamp can also be used to regulate the moisture of the room! Stick an empty beer or soda can over the faucet to make it seem like the liquid is flowing from the can!

Enjoy the illusion of NEVER ENDING water or beer!


* This Magic Beer Mug is suitable for using in indoors, such as meeting room, parlor, etc.
* It can be used as a Night Light, water fountain, regulate room moisture or for interior decorating.
* The tap appears to be pouring a nice draft beer while suspended in the air.
* Fluid travels through clear tubing and looks like the beer is really flowing.
* If you want to get creative, you can attatch anything you want on the end of the water/beer spout tube, such as beer or cola, etc.
* Water Fountain Ornament made of plastic material with in-line ON/OFF switch for easy operation.
* Plug Type: 2 Pin EU Plug (6A 250V~)
* Power Cord Length: ~150cm
* Mug Dimension: ~17(D) x 26.5(H)cm
* Weight: 864g

[ Product Page ] ($34.69)


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