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USB Retro Mini Fan

Zoom Lens: L M S

Well, there is several mini USB Fan gadgets out there but this one looks real retro desktop fan and works like real fan.

One of the biggest complaints in office spaces today is in regards to temperature. Some are too hot. Some are too cold. While others remain blissfully unaware what exactly is going on around them. While you can buy various smaller office/cubicle sized fans, why not go the extra mile and downsize a tad more?

Get more personal with your fan. The Retro USB Fan will not only fit in tiny spaces, it will also keep you cool and impress your golden oldie co-workers with it’s attractive 1930’s styling. Who says you can be classic and efficient?

It’ really cool, somemore this fan is only for those who are computer geeks, as it needs your PC to be on in order to take power via its USB port. Silent with a full 360 degree field of rotation means this little ice chiller is up for most cooling jobs. As far as life changing decisions go, Blue, Green, and Grey are the three choices in super neat colors you can choose for your little spinning relic of coolness. $11.69 and it’s yours.

[ Product Page ] ($11.69)


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